Fellowship for Curators and Artists at Salzburg Summer Academy 2017

Fellowships Summer 2017 /

Why produce art?

The 2017 motto is the general, fundamental question Why produce art? – a question which goes straight to the heart of the Summer Academy as an institution, but which also demands an individual answer from every creative artist.

The Summer Academy is just such a place,where teachers and students explore clearly stated questions, where importance is accorded to the creativity of all participants, where the focus is on art production, theory and education. During the six-week period, some 300 students from more than 50 countries work for between one and four weeks, mostly in Hohensalzburg Fortress. The teachers, who usually come two years running, do not hold professorships at European academies of art; they are all active and successful in the global field of art. Directing the workshops is part of their artistic, curatorial or literary work. The Summer Academy has no curriculum, it is non-academic; all those who teach or study here are fired by enthusiasm, so that our program is hallmarked by intensity and diversity.

ERSTE Foundation offers fellowships for young artists and for emerging curators from Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovak Republic to take part in a course of their choice at the Salzburg Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts (17 July – 26 August 2017).

The fellowships are designed for artists and curators at the beginning of their career and cover room and board, travel expenses and the participation fee for the course. Furthermore, the participants will be given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and their experience, to reflect their own work, develop new ideas and get contacts on an international level.

Photo: Class of Andreas Lolis, Kiefer Steinbruch Fürstenbrunn, Copyright: Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst Salzburg, Foto: Mira Turba, 2016

In 2017, we have the pleasure to provide fellowships to the following artists and curators:

Ivana Durkáčová (SK)
course of DISTRUKTUR/Melissa Dullius + Gustavo Jahn

Jana Baierová (CZ)
course of Diana Campbell Betancourt

Adelina Ivan (RO)

Marek Kuchár (SK)
course of Diana Campbell Betancourt

Murányi Mózes Márton (HU)
course of Andreas Lolis

Emese Mucsi (HU)
course of Kimberly Bradley

Kristián Németh (SK)
course of Andreas Lolis

Mircea Nicolae (RO)
course of Ruth Noack

Flaviu Rogojan (RO)
course of Diana Campbell Betancourt

Barbora Švehláková (CZ)
course of Tony Chakar

The fellows were selected by a jury formed by ERSTE Foundation together with its project partners,, and