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Guided tours in the archive

Here you can read the introductions to the selected events written by the editors of the archive.

Volha Archipava: Belarus Avant-garde of the 1980s 

Ieva Astahovska (Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art): Avant-garde Exhibitions in Latvia in the 1970s

Ivana Bago: Something to think about: exhibiting valeurs of visibility in Zagreb from 1961 to 1986

Daniel Grúň: Species of Exhibitions and Artists’ Communities in the 1970s and ’80 in (Czecho)Slovakia

Dóra Hegyi and Zsuzsa László ( How Art Becomes Public

Olga Kopenkina: Introductory remarks to the chrononology

Mari Laanemets (Art History Institute at Tallinn Art Academy): From the Ivory Tower of Unofficial Art to Institutions of Official Art

Ewa Małgorzata Tatar (Instytut Sztuki Wyspa): Polish women artists on femininity, what is public, and exhibition/gallery space in the 1970s

Pavlína Morganová: The Exhibition as Medium

Dovile Tumpytė (National Gallery of Art, Vilnius): Into the Lithuanian Modern Discourse: Puzzling out the Ghost

Jelena Vesić: The Student Cultural Centre (SKC) As The Art Scene


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