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György JOVÁNOVICS – interview (1998)

László Beke, Miklós Erdély, György Jovánovics, Péter Legéndy, János Major, Gyula Pauer, and Tamás Szentjóby – exhibition and actions

This work entitled János Major’s Coat, which became paradigmatic in Hungarian art […] was born during a train ride. I was traveling to Balatonboglár with Erdély and Major, and we knew that the three of us would exhibit something, but as it turned out, I was not the only one who did not know what to show. I thought I would improvise, like I had done with the small white square in plaster; Major and Erdély had not prepared either. While we were traveling, Jancsi Major took his coat off, as he was hot, and hung it up. God only knows who was the first to declare that this was a work of art… I have not heard of Erdély claiming this for himself, and Major has never said so either.

Source: Törvénytelen avantgárd. Galántai György balatonboglári kápolnaműterme 1970–1973 [Illegal Avant-garde, the Balatonboglár Chapel Studio of György Galántai 1970–1973], eds. Júlia Klaniczay and Edit Sasvári  (Artpool–Balassi, Budapest, 2003): 154.

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