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Comments of passers-by recorded during exhibition-actions at the Zagreb Republic Square (1975 and 1978)

Exhibitions-Actions by the Group of Six Artists


– international idiocy

– they’re either filming or Biafra is up to something again

– is this folklore?

– the wind should blow all this away!

– this is fantastic

– this is shit, really awful

– it’s better to do this than to steal

– instead of cleaning up the square you’re piling it up with rubbish

– it’s stupid

– they are just bothering people and preventing them from feeding the pigeons

– how naïve

– this has political connotations

– if something like this were brought to me I would throw it out of the window

– they are mocking themselves

– what is this? You’ve got to be stupid to understand it

– you’ve got to ask whether it’s a cow or a horse, that’s modern art for you

– we don’t have time for this

– why do they need this, why don’t they just beat their women at home

– there’s worse bullshit than this around

– you can’t make head or tail of it

– this is wonderful

– they are sick

– if Tin Ujević rose from his grave

– let’s all be artists

– i don’t see anything in this

– only a primitive man can think that this is good

– should I write this for my generation: Don’t be scared!

– they are some kind of lunatics

– enough of this bullshit, I’m hungry

– what next, what next, God won’t save them

– what is this stuff? I’m not very cultured or…

– this is the best: “This is not a dream”. You can tell that the guy is a hippy.

– a vaginal theologian

– they are glad there are people around because they can talk to them

– where is reality in all this?

– they are red so they piss on people

– the newspapers mentioned an exhibition but this is just rubbish

– you don’t have to come to the Republic Square to play, you can play at home too

– the conversation is such that everyone is welcome

– they are simply amateurs

– it is beautiful, not only beautiful but clever too

– not much money in it

– they are students, saving up for the seaside

– who could translate this for me and tell me what it means…

– is this some kind of advertisement? …no, it’s not!

Zagreb Republic Square, 25 October, 1975 and 17-19 July, 1978. Works presented were by B. Demur, Ž. Jerman, V. Martek, M. Stilinović, S. Stilinović, F. Vučemilović.

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