Curatorial Dictionary is a long-term collaborative research project that was initiated in 2012 by In the first phase of the project, the working group endeavors in the open-access, online, Hungarian and English language dictionary to interpret the most frequently used but hardly clear-cut concepts of curatorial–contemporary art discourse, which has been ever expanding since the 1990s. In the dictionary, there are also suggestions for—the often missing—Hungarian equivalents of the English terms.

Project working group members are artist Balázs Beöthy, curator Nikolett Erőss, ethnographer Zsófia Frazon, curator Eszter Lázár, and curator Eszter Szakács (

Edited by Eszter Szakács, curator (

Design by Imre Lepsényi

Thanks to all who contributed to and supported the project: Dóra Hegyi, Anne Szefer Karlsen, Edit Molnár, Paul O'Neill, Pavel Sterec, Hajnalka Somogyi, Emese Süvecz, János Szoboszlai, and Mick Wilson.


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