Working again with Jens Haaning

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2023 / 2024

(13th-17th of April 2023) Iași is happy to announce a new collaboration with the international artist Jens Haaning which will be materialised in 2024. Between 13th and the 17th of April we worked, walked, wondered in Iasi, while inquiring how to move forward. Ideas will unravel soon.

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Questo Anonimato E’ Sovversivo/ (This Anonymity is subversive) - performance

– a project by Ruben Montini / ro /

04th of April, 2023 – 6-8 pm.
05th of April, 2023 – 10-12 am.

tranzit. ro/Cluj, Napoca Street, no. 16, 1st. floor,
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Questo Anonimato E’ Sovversivo (This Anonymity is subversive) is the project of Italian artist Ruben Montini. It consisted of a journey through countries of the European Union that the artist carried out together with photographer Ela Bialkowska. In Romania the project was hosted by tranzit. ro/Cluj.

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Lady Demeter, giver of splendid gifts*

Practical workshop for the building of a traditional oven, with V. Leac / ro /

Saturday, 1 April 2023, 11 am – 6 pm

The Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life, Siliștea Snagovului

Access: by car via DN1 or A3; by bus, 446 line, departure from Piața Presei Libere, get off at Pescari stop.

A traditional oven in the garden is a place to celebrate the harvest, the beginning and end of seasons (as unpredictable as they have become), to gather people around its fire and fresh smell of baking bread, to provide food, stories and shelter.

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SZEMinárium – workshops organised by új szem magazine

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31st of March 2023, 4-8 pm.
21st of April 2023, 4-8 pm., Napoca Street, no. 16, 1st. floor
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Starting with March 2023, hosts SZEMinárium, the self-improvement group of új szem magazine for students in Cluj Napoca.

új szem is a social, cultural and critical platform, an online magazine that continues the work of szem magazine (2015-2021).
More information:

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"I Love Cuba, but It Hurts"

Pop-up exhibition and discussion / hu /

Pop-up exhibition and discussion with Marko Rodics and Lilla Szász and curator Dóra Hegyi about their experiences in Cuba. The event will be moderated by photographer and journalist Ágnes Bihari.

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The appeal of hitting rock bottom: International Relations and the notion of a point zero

Lecture by Gergely Romsics / ro /

Thursday, 30 March 2023, 7 PM.

Moderator: Tibor Toró

Thinking about various “point zero” moments in international history is rooted in a venerable and long-standing tradition. The traditional assumption, according to which a global point zero would constitute a return to the „state of nature”, a moment of anarchical self-help and violence, has been superseded in the 20th century by theorizing about the potential of such a point zero to overcome difficult legacies of power politics, opening a new vista for constructing an international utopia, a Cosmopolis or “world city” of universal rights and security. Such legacies and hopes clashed in 1918-1919, as World War I drew to a close and the Paris Peace Conference was preparing to convene, and again from 1943 onwards as planning began about a new Europe and a new world after the elimination of the Nazi, fascist and imperial Japanese threats. 1989 brought about a return to utopian thinking about „overcoming” anarchy and insecurity in the international system, a process conceptualized in surprisingly similar terms to patterns of thought familiar from 1918-1919.

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Our Environment, Our Common Concern

Joint intersectoral discussion / sk /

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When You Find It, We’ll Let You Know / Studio vvv (Department of Intermedia, AFAD)

Launch of publication and public program / sk /

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Fellowships for Curators and Artists at Salzburg Summer Academy 2023

CALL for APPLICATIONS now open until 10 April / cz /

ERSTE Foundation offers fourteen fellowships for young artists and emerging curators from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine to take part in a course of their choice at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg 2023.

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A space just for her/ Un spațiu doar al ei

Exhibition organised by Tampons and pads for all / Absorbante pentru toate / / ro /

8 - 31 March 2023

tranzit. ro/ Iași
Adress: GreenHouse, Street. Sf. Atanasie no. 25, Iasi

Ilinca Popescu, Tanasă Andreea, Ioana Rusu, Mihaela Lungu, Amalia Vornicu, Ana Stoica, Olga Măciuca, Diana Pavel, Catinca Sofrone, Mia Talpău

A space just for her
is an exhibition organized by the Absorbante pentru toate / Tampons and pads for all collective in the tranzit. ro/ Iași space, as part of the Women's Solidarity Festival in Iasi from March 8-12. The exhibition can be visited until March 31.

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CALL for APPLICATIONS now open until 10 April 2023

Fellowships for Curators and Artists at Salzburg Summer Academy 2023 / / ro /

The Fellowships for Curators and Artists at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg are part of ERSTE Foundation’s educational program and its long-term endeavour to support and strengthen contemporary art especially in the region of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The fellowship program is realized together with ERSTE Foundation’s long-time cooperation partners from tranzit, Igor Zabel Association and Kontakt Collection. Kontakt Collection collaborates with the Zagreb based WHW Akademija.

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tranzit. hu’s international magazine on art and culture / hu /

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mutual education format / sk /

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The Space of Opportunity

Community based educational program and common space / hu /

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ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit:

ERSTE Stiftung