Aleš Čermák

artist in residence March 2015, Czech Republic /


I would like to continue my work-in-progress project "Adumbration of the oncoming failure (… beyond the horizon of our yearning still lies our present anticipation)"
It is a multifaceted project whose final form will be presented at the end of 2015. The first part of this work was introduced in October 2014. According to my working definition, this work is a social choreography or social constellation. The project is about using cooperations to search for an ideal form. The resultant form is therefore not given in the beginning, and there is no prescribed procedure. The main topic of this project is the body. I am using otherness to demonstrate ways in which power penetrates the bodies of the subjects as well as the forms of their everyday lives.


Aleš Čermák is an author, director, editor and founder of the independent publishing house Ausdruck Books. He graduated from Prague Academy of Fine Arts and took part in the school residency in New York Cooper Union School of Art. One of the defining features of his output is working with texts as an engaged counterpart to lived reality. He produces publications as well as exhibitory and dramatic situations, which are concerned with aspects of globalized socio-political conditions and their relations to individuals or communities.

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