András Cséfalvay

artist in residence November 2014, Slovakia /


In my earlier artistic practice I have been seeking for a fusion of my interests in historical narratives, in musical and textual composition and their use as a contemporary art medium. I began my research of the metaphoric in this sense of merging and layering story fragments, text and music. Eventually I called them operas, for the resemblance in structure. My videos are usually based on a historic text and are accompanied with composed music. The scores would allow live performance even, or staging as a theater piece. I believed in commanding myself in all the roles, the designer, the composer, the playwright, the director and the actor.
Currently, during my doctorate research, I am trying to define modes of thinking, talking about artistic research. How artistic research can have results, can be transparent and an open source for others to pick up the thread. Yet how artistic research should not become a slave to linear evaluation of grant ethics – something borrowed from natural sciences.
In my artistic practice I simulate through stories (small, big, historic, sci-fi) problems in current society. To demonstrate the above mentioned heterogenicity of artistic research - which is more like the work of the explorer opposed to the scientist who works more like the experimenter – I would like to create a piece about the birth of sciences as we know them, with all the experimental, mystic, religious branches that have been cut off by purists. My increasing interest in relationalist philosophy allows me to criticize strict categories of common science, monstorsities of administrative language or the nation state.
During my stay in Vienna I'd like to work on and do researches for the piece, create the skeleton, and later fill the piece with fragments of composed music, text, film and or performance – a piece that can be produced and performed. Working title: Curvatures – comprehension without explanation (partial and work in progress as it may after the short stay, to bring it to a stage where it can be presented).


András Cséfalvay, born in 1986, studied under Prof. Daniel Fischer in the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava painting and conceptual art. After a year of studying mathematics, he is a doctorate researcher at the AFAD Bratislava. In 2009 he has been awarded the Oskár Čepan Award for Young Visual Artists. He lives and works in Bratislava.

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