Daniela & Linda Dostálkovi

artist in residence April 2017, Czeck Republic /


Institutional Homeopathy© The Hybrid Social Art Agency is an independent service and consulting para-agency, which aim to promote an exchange between institutions that opens to a mutual understanding. The proposition is commenting on a kind of generalized aesthetic practice that thrives on a pragmatic stretching of boundaries or on the exploitation of the increasing permeability of both institutions and social fields—the fluidity of boundaries among artists, designers and communities.


The work of Daniela&Linda Dostálková deals with a concept of the autonomous hybrid social ‘art practice’—blurring the lines between disciplines, challenges accepted distinctions, in questioning of identity. They trace unexpected articulations of alternative/commodified forms of organizations that are based in the art world and its institutional structures; understanding social phenomena, objects, things, and concepts and the fluidity of boundaries between them.
Daniela&Linda Dostálková approach art as a form of articulation that deals with the ways by which a commodity and its economic environment activate us. They have been interested in the paradoxical relationship between the apparently mutually contradictory logic of the world of corporate strategies and the world of art. Their work can be perceived as a form of commentary on and critical observation of aspects of contemporary society, which they are representing by using associative means from psychology and corporate strategies.

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