Ondřej Buddeus

artist in residence July 2016, Czech Republic /


I am preparing a book-based textual composition consisting of 33 polyphonic texts and a series of 33 photographs (working title: zone), that is supposed to find its counterpart both as an audio-composition and a series of video works. In Vienna I`m going to finish the textual part and working on the mentioned series of videos connected to the zone project.
This work is an attempt to intercept in the tension between the textual and pictorial part. (With the textual part I mean simply short poetic text, the pictorial is a long-term documentation of the rigid as well as changing structure of the Raiffeisenbank building in Prague 4 as well as a series of video shots from the metro environment in Prague, possibly in Vienna and Budapest). The aim is to articulate the mental landscapes, processes, perspectives as well as the absurd inward logic of a “Central-European mind” or an “mind-clima” of an possible subject. I can`t hide, that this is an attempt to pronounce an actual type of identity or subjectivity: to show the apparent tension between the personal conditions (with the perspective of the heterosexual white male based in the post-soviet capital in Eastern Europe) and the more abstract, yet almost tangible interpersonal patterns (organic structures of local and global media, social and economical state of affairs in the ex-socialistic / ex-capitalist environment).


Ondřej Buddeus is an author, translator from German and Norwegian, poet, artist, organizer and literary activist, editor and essayist. He works at the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, is editor in the Psí víno Journal for contemporary poetry (2011–2014 editor-in chief). Although based in the field of contemporary literature, he often works in the frame of the contemporary gallery art and cooperates with various artists from different fields (visual artists, performance artists, musicians, graphic designers, composers). His particular texts were translated into German, Polish, English, Lithuanian, Welsh, Rumanian, Hungarian, Norwegian and Italian. Ondrej lives in Prague.

Photo by Filip Sach

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