Reka Katona

curator in residence July 2017, Hungary /


In this residence program my main aim would be to write and publish, at least one article in English and one in Hungarian. Besides that, I would like to create a website, and publish 20 interviews with 20 artist/pedagogy experts to give an impression about these committed theatre people (their work lives, inner lives, experiences related to this profession). They are doing this important job in order to influence the Hungarian institutional context and social life. The result of this research could be a collective theatre workshop with these experts.


Reka Katona graduated as an art historian and literature scholar (Budapest ELTE). Afterwards she begun her PhD in Theory of Education PhD. She started to employ Theatre of the Oppressed methodology in 2011, which in 2014-2015 she thoroughly studied in Barcelona (La Xixa Theatre, Ma(g)dalenas Movement). She has worked in the Artists in School Project supported by Stiftung. She was the founder member of the first women only Theatre of the Oppressed group in Hungary, the Magdalenas Budapest. As a researcher she is publishing papers about Theatre of the Oppressed groups and performances in Hungary.

Photo: Csilla Hódi