Rita Süveges

artist in residence January – February 2022, Hungary /

© Laszlo Gabor Belicza

Rita Süveges is an artist based in Budapest. Through her research-based art practice she elaborates an ecocritical approach to what human’s relation to nature is, unravelling how a landscape merges into a culturally constructed image in the framework of the Capitalocene. She is co-founder of xtro realm artist group, which organizes reading circles, exhibitions, field trips dealing with new-realist and ecological theories that critique the anthropocentrism of contemporary thinking, in order to provide access to the discourses of climate change and the Anthropocene, all in the spirit of knowledge-sharing and transdisciplinarity. She is an editor and author of extrodæsia – Encyclopedia Towards a Post-Anthropocentric World. Süveges was a curator of ACLIM! part of OFF-Biennale 2021. She is enrolled in the Doctor of Liberal Arts program of Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. She took part in residency programs in Cité des Arts de Paris, International Studio and Curatorial Program New York, Meetfactory Prague, MQ AIR Vienna, and exhibited in Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Off-Biennale Budapest and CHB, Berlin among others.


At the AIR Q21/MuseumsQuartier Wien residency I am going to research the aesthetic representation of ecomodernism and techno-optimism along the adventurous history of the symbolism of the storm. From its cultural representations e.g. in Rubens’s Landscape with a Thunderstorm at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, through the early innovation of the hail cannon as a pioneering piece of geoenginering up to its contemporary version, the anti-hail defense systems that are implemented also in Lower-Austria.


2014 - 2017
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, DLA program, Budapest

2005 - 2010
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, HU, painting program

Projects (Selection)

ACLIM!, Agency for Climate imaginary,, Off-Biennale, Budapest, curator, artist
Slow Life. Life at a Slow Pace, Museum Ludwig, Budapest
All Mere Weeds, INDA Galéria (solo)

'out of control', 1111, Budapest, (solo)
editing 'Imagination and Climate Crisis' theoretical series for with Anna Zilahi

organizing 'Imagination and Climate Crisis' discussive practices with Anna Zilahi
Extrodaesia - Encyclopedia toward a non-anthropocetric world - (book editing with Anna Zilahi and Horváth Gideon, visuals : cover, illustrations, CG, video)

Anthropocene field trips: Gánt, Fülöpháza, Kékesi-Erdőrezervátum


ISCP, New York, 07-08/2021
Meetfactory, New Dictionary of Old Ideas, Prague, 10-11/2020
Cité International des Arts, Paris, 05-06/2018
EKA,Tallinn, 01-06/2017
Visegrad Artist Residency Program / 4D, Galanta, 04-06/2013