Xandra Popescu & Larisa Crunțeanu

artists in residence April 2014, Romania /


Xandra Popescu works as a writer, filmmaker and artist. She holds an MA in Dramatic Writing from the National Theater and Film University in Bucharest and has a background in Political Science.

Larisa Crunțeanu has studied Photography and Moving Image and is currently a PHD candidate at the National Arts University of Bucharest. She works as a performer, video-maker and sound collector.

Together, they currently power Atelier 35, a project space in Bucharest.


Larisa Crunțeanu and I have been working together over the course of four years – and our work has invented its own method. In recent times, we have channeled our collaborative energy into powering Atelier 35, a project space in Bucharest dedicated to experimental and collaborative practices. My relocation to Berlin one year ago has challenged the dynamic of our workflow and personal relationship. Although some of our projects were left in a “work in progress” stage, our relationship continued with a renewed effusion through correspondence. Through trial and error we managed to form a suspended common ground. Negotiations and disclosures, rational and sentimental analysis of our common history were poured into the pool of our working relationship. In the waiting room of correspondence, through anticipation, improvisation and feedback loops a new working method was harnessed. We each started gathering bits and pieces of our separate lives allowing them to develop into a new body of work. Xandra Popescu

Performance "Things for Money"
Sat 26 April 2014, 20:00
Vienna, Museumsquartier, q 21, Raum D

The destitute widow of an army general and her strange gambling addiction. She plays the lottery and always chooses the same set of numbers. After a while her faith begins to falter. One time she doesn't get a ticket. That same week her numbers come up. The woman blames herself. Coming so close to a life of wealth and not getting it is too much to bear. At the height of self-incrimination, she decides to take her own life. Feelings and money... What an insidious affair! Money has been defined as a general equivalent. Passion for money: an undefined desire. Wanting for Wanting. Lust for unachieved potential.

Join us in an evening of speculation and reenactment on the subject of money and regret.

For a limited number of participants. Please sign up by the 25th of April via email to: