Gyula Pauer – interview (1998)

Meeting of Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian artists – exhibition, actions

The weekend was organized by Beke, and we had a great time together. I almost learned to speak in Czech and Slovak, and they almost learned Hungarian. We closed the event with a photo demonstration, where everyone shook hands with everyone else, and we took photos of this—hands holding hands, one by one—and put the small cubes next to one another like a mosaic. In the end, all those who were shaking hands signed the photos. By this action, we symbolically made peace with each other, at a time when our political system was still in conflict with Czechoslovakia. We made peace, and that’s what was important.

Source: Törvénytelen avantgárd. Galántai György balatonboglári kápolnaműterme 1970–1973 [Illegal Avant-garde, the Balatonboglár Chapel Studio of György Galántai 1970–1973], eds. Júlia Klaniczay and Edit Sasvári  (Artpool–Balassi, Budapest, 2003): 142.

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