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Victor VASARELY’s letter to Lajos Kassák (1966)

Image Architecture – exhibition by Lajos Kassák

Annet-sur-Marne, 19 September 1966

Dear Lajos Kassák,

Your art, your bearing, and your unbreakable will were often mentioned this summer in both Gordes and Lurs, where graphic artists hold their annual world congress. But words fly away and deeds remain, so I told Denise that she should organize an exhibition of your work again. Your eightieth birthday would be a wonderful occasion, but since you are having an exhibition at the same time in Pest, too, I thought of doing a Kassák–Arp–Sonia Delaunay threefold presentation in March 1967. Of course, yours would be the place of honor. Let’s write about this more, but please begin to prepare—I guarantee the success of this plan.

With many greetings to both of you,


Source: Képarchietctúra [Image Architecture] (Műcsarnok, 1967).

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