Miklós ERDÉLY describing his connection to the Iparterv Group (1980)

Iparterv actions and exhibitions

The IPARTERV group had only loose connections to native cultural life in 1969. And I had only loose connections to the IPARTERV group. This situation has changed within ten years. The group (as for its members at home now) has become an organic part of cultural life here. And I have only loose connections to recent cultural life.

My belonging to as well as staying outside the IPARTERV group were determined by personal relations. Cooperation was, however, realized in my taking part in the second catalog as well as in a series of actions previous to the first exhibition, accomplished in an IPARTERV room by Tamás Szentjóby and myself. The show was the more important. Its title was Three quarks for king Marke. I made three actions.

1. Clip

/I made the bed on a folding one, washed a white baton and a cabbage in a basin with a nail-brush, baby—powdered them both and put them under the comforter. I put a radio set on the pillow, and wanted to turn it on at the time of the Evening News to listen to it sitting by the bed, with two five-kilogram weights fastened to my ears. Unfortunately, time troubles made me use a ready-made tape instead of the radio. The bed was illuminated by colour focus./

2. Dirac in front of the box office

/A prescribed, dialogue-like text was recited by myself, Miklós Urbán, Tamás Cseh, Tamás Szentjóby as we were standing in a single file. The one having said one sentence stepped forward, which meant we were moving towards the exit step by step. At the same time, the room was moving backwards, alluding to Dirac’s hole theory. A large sign and an arrow pointing to the direction opposite to our movement indicated the “directionof the flow of truth”.

3. Conjectures

/I read prescribe sentences. After each sentence I threw a dart at a large-sized photo portrait of a woman./


Source: Iparterv 68-80 (Budapest, 1980), 75-76.

Courtesy of Miklós Erdély Foundation