Izabella GUTOWSKA: WHY? (1998)

Women’s Art 1980 – exhibition

Many times I have been asked the questions:
– why? – I am interested in women’s art,
– why? – I try to prove the distinct character of that phenomenon,
– why? – I believe that this art can exist without the straining feminist context,
I simply follow the naive feeling of dissimilarity, sensibility, emotions, intuitions, biology, instincts, sense of inner power and independence. All these ‘states’ constitute a certain personality. And if it happens that it is the personality of woman than we contort a fascinating phenomenon. Considering that the field of art is open there is no need to renouce anything. Instead, it is better to trust the situation and the moment that may prompt generation of particular tensions and energy, discovery of sensuality, imagination, forgotten feelings and practical wisdom. I believe that these ‘states’ can be found in presented works of the women artists, both of the older and the youngest generation..

Source: Izabella Gustowska, “Why?”, Presence III (ON Gallery: Poznań, 1992)