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Ülevi ELJAND, Tiit KALJUNDI, Vilen (Villu) KÜNNAPU, Leonhard LAPIN, and Avo-Him LOOVEER: Program for an exhibition of new architecture (1972)

Architecture Exhibition `78

An exhibition of new architecture will take place in Tallinn. The motto of the exhibition will be: “In architecture, everything is permissible.”

The aims of the exhibition are:
1. To free architecture from local dogma.
2. To cultivate the formal possibilities of architecture.

The exhibition will demonstrate new projects, new ideas, formal possibilities, and new interactions and environments. The exhibition will also address existent relations in architecture and urbanism.

The common feature of the various authors’ contributions will be the height of the exhibited drawings—80 cm. The width of the drawings will be determined by each individual author.

The exhibition will be publicized via all types of media. The exhibition will be accompanied by a conference and discussion with the participants.

Let contemporary architecture represent a new democracy!

Tallinn, Estonia, July 1972


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