Free School for Art Theory and Practice


About Tranzit Freeschool

The basic philosophy behind the Free School for Art Theory and Practice is the concept that contemporary art and culture produce an excess of knowledge and experience, which can be recycled and used in broader social discourse, beyond their own primary context. The aim of the Free School is to increase the theoretical and practical toolkit of the local art scene based on active participation and dialogue in seminars, as well as through analyzing artistic productions, critical positions and the institutional system. With its name, the school marks a place of community gathering for people to meet with an objectiveto exchange knowledge and learn from one another.
The school functions in the form of regular weekend seminars, held by invited curators, theoreticians, and artists, allowing for the specificities of the contemporary Hungarian art scene and local to be the focus/topic of discourse.

The Free School for Art Theory and Practice’s goals are:
– To examine the current phenomena of contemporary visual culture in artistic and curatorial practice
– To enhance critical thinking and dialogue within the art field
– To define the role of art theory and art criticism
–  To analyse critical concepts and study the possibilities for their adaptation to different contexts
–  To discuss the identity/role of the curator and the artist in an international context.

Subjects covered:
– The role of context in cultural production
– The interplay of theory and praxis
– The public domain between the institutional system and forms of self-organization
– Constructive interplay between curatorial and artistic practice