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AMBPA: Word-Analysis

tranzit .hu launches a series of talks in its new space, KIRÁLY102. By creating a dialogue between the representatives of different countries, disciplines and generations, we wish to realize a community space where curatorial and artistic thinking can serve the discussion of current public issues and the articulation of community-forming statements.

The theme of the first year is the political transition of ’89, the role of intellectuals and artistic thinking in the dissident or alternative social movements from the crisis perspective of the 2010s.
The framework of this programme is a long-term international collaboration that intends to explore interconnections between the post-communist and post-colonial discourses.

We wish to recall:
– the collective power of those events with which the critical activity of dissident intellectuals was transformed into political actions;
– the historical turn when the underground stepped forward to the mainstream public sphere
– the historical zero point when the utopia of “anything is possible” and “everyone has a say” became a momentary reality
– and to trace how the consensus-based social reorganisation went awry, why the institutionalization of the self-organized initiatives and that of the critical intellectuals did not happen.

We also wish to find out how the new generations’ archaeological or activist viewpoint can process the utopias, failures, illusions, traumas, nostalgia and crisis of the previous generations. Is it necessary, is it possible to complete or rearticulate the program of the political transition or a new regime change?

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