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In addition to the talk series we have launched an email-inquiry that we sent to the leading representatives of different fields and generations. Our aim is to create a network of common-references, arching through various circles of intellectuals, and to get into contact with similar projects and researches. We publish the answers and reactions on the project’s websiteWhat role did the regime change play in your professional career?


How did the Regime Change  influence your professional activity and interest?

What part of your role in the Regime Change do you consider most important today?

What cornerstone events or publications in art / politics / public life / the professional sphere do you remember? In which events did you participate, or to which events did you react in some way, and which of these did influence you, directly or indirectly?

Through what channels and from what sources have you received your knowledge about this period?

Has your picture of the Regime Change and its ideas been altered – if yes, in what way, and as a result of what – in the past 20 / 10 / 5 / 1 year(s)?

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