Anatoly Belov

artist in residence September - October 2022, Ukraine /

© Natalka Dyachenko

Graphic drawings from the series "Mystical Forest" in the project "What can be done? Praktiken der Solidarität". project of curator Michaela Geboltsberger. Traiskirchen, Austria
Poster with Polish artist Kacper Szalecki for the Ukrainian-Polish project «Distant Tolerable Murder».
Curators Anna Lazar (Poland) Lada Nakonechna (Ukraine), with the assistance of Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok, presentation of the project in Berlin, Germany
Participation in the apartment exhibition "()" with graphic works "Mysterious Forest". Curators Nikita Kadan and Clemens Pool, Kyiv, Ukraine
Participation in the exhibition "Disobedient Bodies" Curators Nikita Kadan ,"Kmits Museum of Soviet Art named after Bukhanchuk" p. Kmits, Ukraine
Together with Oksana Kazmina exhibition Anatoly Belov & Oksana Kazmina (UKR) Screening of films “Sex, Medicated, Rock'n'Roll, Feast Of Life, One Bullet, One Aim, Bicycle, It's Cool To Fantasize, K4 galleri, Oslo, Norway
Together with Oksana Kazmina Art research, interdisciplinary project "Body Practice". The project was made with the support of the British Council of Ukraine and was implemented in three cities of
Ukraine - Kyiv (Club Hotel), Lviv (Shop Space), Mariupol (platform "Tyu")
Together with Oksana presentation of video works "Holiday of Life", "One bullet, one target, bicycle", as well as the project Subele with musical performance and my graphic works and drawings by Katya Yatsenko at Pomada Queer Festival 8, EDEN, Warsaw, Poland
Participation in the curatorial project of Alisa Lozhkina, Konstantin Akinsha and Julia Fabeni
Permanent Revolution, with a graphic installation of the project "Homophobia today — genocide tomorrow!" Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary
«Cybele» personal project together with works by Dana Kosmina, Oksana Kazmina and Katya Yatsenko Closer Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine
Participation in the Kyiv Biennale 2015 The School of Kyiv with the film "Feast of Life" directed by Anatoly Belov, Oksana Kazmina, Curators: Hedwig Saxenhuber and Georg Schöllhammer, Organizer: Visual Culture Research Center, Kyiv Fabric House, Kyiv, Ukraine
Public Prize for the video “Sex, Мedicated, Rock-n-Roll” from the PinchukArtCentre Award for Young Artists from Ukraine
Video documentation project Why morality? in the curatorial project of the multydisciplinary group Hudrada «View»s, Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
Series of works against the destroying of the old town and Why morality? within the project of group SOSKA New History, National Museum of Fine Arts, Kharkov, Ukraine
Street project My Porn – My Right! in the Week of Contemporary Art, Lviv, Ukraine
Homophobia Today – Genocide Tomorrow! – outdoor installation and street work within the project SOStine at the railway station and in the city, Vilnius, Lithuania
In the Darkness – solo exhibition, painting, Hudgraf Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
Presentation of The Most Pornographic Book in the World as part of Alevtina Kakhidze’s and Kateryna
Svihurenko’s Book dinner, Center for Contemporary Art, founded by George Soros, Kyiv, Ukraine
Participation in the project of R.E.P. Artists Respond. Ukrainian Art and Orange Revolution, painting, Ukrainian Institute of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA.
Participation in the group project of R.E.P. painting, Center for Contemporary Art, founded by George Soros, Kyiv, Ukraine


I want to work on a screenplay, which I then want to draw as a graphic novel, and also make a TV series I am currently working on the script for the fantasy horror series " Uncanny". The story takes place in a parallel universe. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a generation later, people began to notice that their children had various superpowers that disappeared at the age of 18. There are various theories as to why this happened, from conspiracy theories to the effects of radiation in connection with the Chernobyl tragedy, but none of them have been confirmed. In 2022, Russia attacks Ukraine. The peculiarity of this war is the mass and merciless killings of all, without exception, children from birth to 17 years of age. Martial law is declared in the country and parents take their children to other countries en masse. According to military laws, it is forbidden for men aged 18-60 to travel abroad. Single father Anatoly and his 11-year-old daughter Katya, who has super powers, also try to evacuate to another country, but Anatoly is not the official guardian of Katya, which makes all efforts to leave the country impossible, and suddenly Anatoliy receives an offer from an unfamiliar foreign curator to leave with his daughter for an art residence in Chicago, through the diplomatic corridor. Without thinking, Anatoly accepts the invitation and they leave for America together without any obstacles. Upon arrival, the father and daughter learn that "good Russians" helped them. These are liberal, anti-Putin, queer-friendly people who have already helped many "untypical" families with children leave Ukraine. Very soon it turns out that the residence is primarily a super-school that develops children's super-abilities. The volunteers who maintain this residence believe that with the help of their school, the children will learn to use their gift, thanks to which it will not disappear in the future, and with the joint efforts of all the students of the school, the end of the war will be possible sooner. But the further Kata and her father Anatoliy have more questions about this school and this small secluded society, which is more like a sect from which it seems impossible to escape.
I started writing the story of my script about queer parenthood back in 2017, based on my experience as a parent, because I am raising a 12-year-old daughter on my own. The military invasion of Russia on February 24 of this year introduced new meanings and themes into our lives, thanks to which the history of the scenario also underwent changes. At this point, I only have an idea for the script of the series and a short synopsis of it. But I know what I would like to talk about in this fantastic and scary story, I want to talk about new and old problems of Ukrainian society, which this war so decisively manifested. For example, about the invisibility of queer families in Ukraine, about unprotected childhood during the war, about the surreal life-survival in a country in which the laws of peaceful life temporarily cease to apply and new laws of war appear. One of the main themes of the series is the separation of Ukraine from the influence of the Russian Empire, as well as the detection of pro-imperial blindness, including among "good Russians" in the matter of Ukraine, its history, subjectivity and independence from the Russian context. Talk about whether there are really "good Russians"?
In addition to writing a script for a horror story, I will also draw and work on creating my new music. I have some sketches that I drew during my stay in Ukraine after February 24, and some of them I want to draw in a larger format and new material. I also want to draw some pictures for my script. visualize some episodes from it.