Andrea Kalinová

artist in residence October 2014, Slovakia /


In my artistic work I primarily deal with specific geographical and historical characteristics of the place. I address the issue of reviving the genius loci of abandoned and lost structures by manipulation of the visitor using ephemeral artistic interventions. Using a language of contemporary art I try to reflect an alarming state of the local monuments of modern architecture.
During my residency I would like to focus on my long term project, which deals with the issue of derelict, abandoned or endangered architecture of the 20th century and its possible preservation by means of artistic interventions and alternative forms of protesting. I try to find an answer to the question whether art and art activism can achieve any change in this respect.


Born in 1980, Bratislava.

After finishing her MA at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava at the Department of Photography and New Media she is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Intermedia and Multimedia at the AFAD. In her artwork she focuses on the intersection between fine arts and urban activism. In her artistic practice she addresses the issues of the memory of the place and vivification of abandoned spaces. In 2011 she initiated the project Abandoned (re)creation dealing with the presentation of endangered architecture of the Modern Movement in the spa town of Trenčianske Teplice in Slovakia.