Danilo Milovanović

Artist in Residence December 2023, Slovenia /

© Matic Pandel

DNLM / Danilo Milovanović (Banja Luka, B&H) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He holds a master’s degree from University of Ljubljana's Academy of fine arts and design. He also studied at UMPRUM Academy in Prague. Milovanović was a nominee for the OHO award – the award for young artists in Slovenia. In 2020 he received a student national award - Prešern award.
In the past years Milovanović worked within the autonomous community of Rog and currently operates within the autonomous cultural centre Metelkova in Ljubljana.
From 2019 to 2021 Milovanović was a resident of creative centre Swiss house (International centre of graphic art) in Ljubljana. He attended several art residency programs and professional collaborations across Europe including Donumenta AIR in Regensburg, StreetArt AIR Katowice, GuestRoomMaribor Air Maribor, Pražírna AB3 Prague.
His work is regularly presented locally and abroad, among others at Ljubljana’s galleries Aksioma, Tobačna 001, Škuc, Museum of Contemporary Art, International Centre of Graphic Art; Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art Rijeka; EC124H Copenhagen; Begehungen Chemnitz; BienalSur Montevideo; Miasto Ogrodow Katowice; Umprum Prague.


My intention is to go over personal archives, to rethink my current practice and to try to realise my further steps without specified result behind it. So, my residency would be a process of looking back with an aim to better understand the future of personal practice. I might prepare a presentation of my existing practice and confront it with my current institutional experiences and working conditions. As I often create spontaneous works based on impressions of urban explorations, it might happen that I will anyway produce some simple in-situ and studio works during my residency.