Eugen Arlov / Serge Klymko

artist and curator in residence January – February 2023, Ukraine /

Eugene Arlov

New media artist, performer, sound artist.
Based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
I work in the field of art research. Historical. social, political context. Work with documents, historical monuments, space. The main areas are performance, audio-video installations. In my practice I often turn to space and human interaction with him. Creating immersive spaces. Working with data.


2012-2015 studied at the Kharkov Art College;
2015-2020 studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture;
2019-2022 resident of Photinus studio.


2022 - performance “The Budapest Gambit“, A:2402 D:2022, AD gallery, Germany, Berlin;
2022 - performance “Strichka“, cinema, Vagabundo gallery, Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk;
2022 - performance “The Budapest Gambit“, “Asortymentna Kimnata, Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk;
2022 - the Solidarity Screening of Ukrainian Art Films , Netherlands, Amsterdam;
2021 - performance “NPC”, Collider, Ukraine, Kyiv;
2021 - installation “Balance“, Ermilov Center, Ukraine. Kharkow;
2021 - installation “Well traveled paths”, Dovzhenko Center, Ukraine, Kyiv.
2020 - performance “Out of Body Experience”, Solidarno i sprawstwo (Poland-Ukraine).


2022 - “When war will end?”, France, Villa Arson;
2022 - “KRAKERS ART WEEK 2022”, Poland, Krakow;
2022 - When war will end?” Germany, Berlin.


2022 - Working Room, Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk;
2021 - Digital detox,Carbon Residence, Ukraine, Khust;
2017 - Silver Easel, Ukraine, Uzhgorod.


Performance, as well as installation in the form of documentation and work with metadata. I want to focus on the socio-cultural European historical context. Find answers to the question "What can the art of the future be?" and "What is the role of art in social life?"
And research on the common between Ukraine and Austria. Detection of common features in aspects of architecture, socio-political systems. Rethinking the experience of the war in Ukraine and finding cause and effect factors. As a result of the study, I will be working with an architectural object (it can be a certain area around or in the middle of space), conceptualizing it and turning it into a functionally different space. Space of cultural exchange.
The performative act will be related to the transmission of information and processing it through physicality. But an important element is the rethinking of the past and finding new vectors of interaction.

Serge Klymko

Over the last 10 years Serge Klymko has been a practiсing curator, cultural manager, researcher and writer working on the intersection of visual and performative art, music and planetary research. He has curated a number of cultural and art projects in Barcelona, Geneva, Karlsruhe, Kyiv, Malmo, Prague, Riga, Tbilisi, Vienna and Warsaw working with a wide range of artists and theoreticians. Serge is a managing director of Kyiv Biennial - an international forum for art, knowledge, and politics that integrates exhibitions and discussion platforms. Since 2015, Serge is a founder and curator of Khashi interdisciplinary space for performative arts and urban ecosystems research. In March 2022 he founded ESI - Emergency Support Initiative for the members of the artistic and cultural community in Ukraine finding themselves in need. Its main goal is to support people remaining in the country and to provide them with immediate financial relief under the conditions of occupation and/or relocation.


In the course of the residency I would like to work on and develop further the Solidarity Screenings program. It is a series of screenings of video art and documentary footage created in Ukraine after February 24 of 2022, giving a raw and immediate insight into the current situation in Ukraine as well as filmmakers’ current practices. Providing an intimate portrayal of people caught amidst the war, occupation and forced migration, a series of video works from Ukraine offers raw and immediate insights into the filmmakers’ current practices under the terrible circumstances. The works show the ordinary life of people that changed overnight, when millions of peaceful citizens became victims, spectators and participants of the full scale warfare, humanitarian crisis, volunteer movements, migration and resistance. Made to preserve and develop the evidence, reflections and feelings, all of the video works have been created by visual artists based in Ukraine after the start of the russian invasion.

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