Lenka Vítková

artist in residence November - December 2020, Czech Republic /

Lenka Vítková was born 1975 in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

2009–2014 doctor program of Academy of Fine Arts Prague, doc. Vladimír Skrepl
1993–1998 magister study of Czech Philology and Literature – Fine Arts at Philosophical Faculty of Palacký University, Olomouc


Some months ago I have started to put together my work, provisionally named “The First Book of Emblems”. During residential stay in Vienna, I would like to go further in this type of writing and thinking. It may lead me to creation of an installation of texts and paintings, or finishing a work, which will function as an exhibition in the form of a book. Although I consider myself as a painter and a writer, combining text and image means for me to go beyond a certain taboo. However, since I started to consider my works as emblems, either pictures or texts, this form allows me to experiment with text–image connection without fear of being overly literal. It allows me to rely more on simple textual and visual motifs that have fascinated me for a long time while revealing their hidden meanings.

selection of solo exhibitions

2018 Slope, Futura, Prague
2017 Echo, Galerie Dole, Ostrava
2016 Contract with the black, Gallery of fine arts, Cheb
2015 Northnorth – Southsouth, Měsíc ve dne Gallery, České Budějovice
2015 What I Am Standing on, Vzájemnost Gallery, Prague
2014 The Body’s Answers to the Questions of Flowers, Fait Gallery MEM, Brno
2014 Frau Blumenstein, Autocentre, Berlin
2014 Refrain, Svit Gallery, Prague
2013 Right and Left Side Game, Entrance Gallery, Prague
2013 Scale, together with Jiří Valoch, Josef Sudek Studio, Prague

selection of group exhibitions

2018 Someone’s Walking around, MeetFactory, Prague
2017 Sunday Display, Jagna Ciuchta’s forrest show, Prague
2017 Conditions of Impossibility I, Loss of time, Cursor Gallery, Prague
2017 Scattered Disk, Futura, Prague
2016 Language, Hraničář, Ústí nad Labem
2015 Preliminary Saddness, Karlin Studios, Prague
2014 Commet, Futura Gallery, Prague
2014 Reading, with Markéta Lisá and Jan Šerých, Kabinet, TIC Gallery, Brno
2013 Flow, PragueBiennale 6

curatorial projects

2011 Behind the Spines of Books I Haven‘t Read, Sommer Palace Star, Prague
2011 The Waste Land, Tranzitdisplay, Prague
2009 Place and Formel, GaskArtfest, Kutná Hora
2008 Skull Hunters (with Edith Jeřábková), Galerie Klatovy/Klenová
2006–2010 curator of space 36 in Olomouc


2006 development grant of

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