Lucie Mičíková

artist in residence February 2013, Slovakia /

Artist's statement

"During my stay in Vienna I would like to continue on my research of utopian architecture. I have been often expressing myself by means of collage. I like to use simple techniques. I combine drawings, Xerox copies, photographs and paper scraps. I would like to develop this media and enrich with new visual features during my residence in Vienna."


Lucie Mičíková was born in 1986 in Tábor.

I graduated from the Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava, intermedia and multimedia department, studio of Ilona Nemeth in June 2012. My work has been recently dealing with the phenomenon of architecture, I am interested in the approach of utopian architects, their visions as well as the artistic value of their sketches and projects. I often find inspiration in the work of Italian writer Italo Calvino. My works are mostly made of the recycled material or the material which is easily available and they are made in a way that they look intentionally not artistically.