Renáta Pintérová

artist in residence November – December 2019, Slovak Republic /


During my residency at Q21 I would like to start to develop my upcoming longer time art project which will consist of more parts. I will work on the theoretic/conceptual language of my project and also I will create a storyboard and visual collages connected to it.These will later serve as a basis for 3d visualisations and installation. I would like to work also on some new drawings during my stay. The main keywords of my research will be: catastrophe, post-ecology, monsters, meta-space, liquidity of cats, identity, self-colonisation, nature, hybrids, technology, ritual, spirituality, sports and nonsense.

2018—2019 Internship at FKSE-The Studio of Young Artists' Association in Budapest

2019 collective exhibition ”Y generation” for the 70th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Umelka gallery, Bratislava

2018 CHIMERA, exhibition in collaboration with Nikola Balberčáková at Umakart gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

2018 Bratislava BAK Summer School: Art in a Time of Interregnum, organised in partnership with Mária Hlavajová , BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht; Open Studio/Studio IN– Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava; Appart Collective and initiated by Kristína Országová

2018 FLOW, solo show at cultural space Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava

2018 Body,spirit,revolt,performance,photography, concept contemporary art from Central Europe in Istanbul, artists' collectives from V4 in collaboration with Turkish festival

2018 Flux Fix group show at Eleven Blokk off-space in Budapest

2017 Residency under Investigation,, Bratislava

2017 Just Do It! Vol. 4. - Our FACE is the Facade, Hosted by Gray Box and FKSE - Studio of Young Artists in Budapest, participatory performance project of Bokányi Imre & Jauernik Zsófia

2017 Motion performance on Question of Will, concept by Petra Fornayová, Nóra Ružičková, Maja Štefančíková, Open Gallery, Bratislava

2017 MATTER workshop & exhibition , ± 0,0 Gallery in Žilina, Slovakia