Tereza Stejskalová

artist in residence June 2012, Czech Republic /


Tereza Stejskalová is a curator, critic and contributing editor of the
Czech A2 Cultural Journal ( She is a Ph.D. candidate of the
Department of Anglophone Cultures and Literatures, Charles University in
Prague. She collaborates with Prague's Tranzitdisplay where she has
organized a series of discussions related to the politics and economic
conditions of art practice and curating. She also co-curates the
in Prague (


My plan for the residency in Vienna is related to my activities as one of the curators of the etc. gallery, a small non-commercial space in Prague. Our focus is on artists of my generation of strong conceptual background and interdisciplinary ambitions. The gallery is not only an exhibition space; we would like it to be a room for discussions, lectures, presentations, situations related to various fields of culture and society. The program for next year includes artists living in the Czech Republic as well as those from Hungary (Katarina Sevic) or Poland (Grzegorz Drozd, Janek Simon). We also collaborate with other institutions from Germany, Hungary, and Poland. My plan is to explore the artistic environment in Vienna, do a curatorial research, and find and contact institutions for potential collaborative projects.

Secondly, I would like to make use of the time and funding to write a text, motivated by the current state of art criticism in the Czech Republic (probably paradigmatic of the current state of art criticism as such). It oscillates between a provocative, aggressive, “philosophical” approach and a rather modest attitude, respectful of the object in question. The idea is to research the concept and the praxis of criticism as it appears in contemporary philosophy (Žižek, Agamben).

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