Erik Sikora

artist in residence July 2015, Slovakia /


I usually make videoessays, performance and some music too.
I am focused on topics which are more complex than I can resolve. For example I am focused on the creativity itself. I like to think about the role of artist as the hero of the culture – what he/she/it could really do and what he/she/it thinks that he/she/it have to do. Can artist be also the visionary, guru, spritual leader, lifestyle trend setter, etc?
These difficult thinking experiments are not easy to try at the humans, so I usually experiment with myself. When I collect all thinking material and results from these experiments, I usually shoot it as videodocumentarist with me as the main actor.
During my staying in Vienna I would like to concentrate at developing the new form of my presentation. Making videos is very useful, but sometimes I need to have personal contact with my audience. I would like to develop the new way of live presentation, something between performance, essay, theatrical play, live concert and teaching at school. And about the focused topics, I hope I will not be focused on the Vienna atmosphere, or difference between life here and there, because it could be something like residency cliché. I am not yet sure about my point of interests there, but maybe the main topic which is now important for me is the shyness. What is happening in this world with shyness and without shyness, and if
the shyness is important ingredient in art, and if shyness is something like one of the main human diseases.
So in general, I would like to develop the new live form of presentations, and the presented thoughts and experiments will be hopefully about shyness and stuff around this.


Erik Sikora (born 1986) is a Slovak artist living in Košice. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 2013 he was a finalist of the Oskár Čepan Award.
Erik Sikora uses in his work uncomplicated, non-prefabricated, but also suspiciously marketed or widely adopted DIY methods. In the spirit of the contemporary music video culture he prefers, above anything else, working with video, often composed with epic sound poetry. His videos are records of live performances on the threshold of nonsense and poetic symbolism. He is interested in banality and its imaginative potential; shortly, an unbridled concept of life. His tool of research is creativity as a spontaneous situational activity that frees imagination of its inveterate habits and rules, allows an authentic being, and, potentially, can fire off the famous social bomb.

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