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Ágnes GAGYI, social researcher, 1980


What role did the regime change play in your professional career?

I was only 9 years old at the time.

What cornerstone events or publications in art / politics / public life / the professional sphere do you remember, and which of these influenced you, directly or indirectly? Through what channels and from what sources have you received your knowledge about this period?

In addition to the “common knowledge” of the intellectuals, Violetta Zentai’s lectures in Pécs
provided me with a definitive introduction to the regime change in Hungary.

Has your picture of the regime change and its ideas been altered – if yes, in what way, and as a result of what – in the past 10 / 5 / 1 year(s)?

The events of recent years have definitely influenced my interpretation of the regime change as well. In contrast to the “freedom” project of those days, today we are faced with an indisputable social loss, which is hard to make sense of through the ideals of transition – free market, liberalism, and “catching up” with the rest of Europe. What’s more, intellectual reactions have seemingly tended away from interpretation and towards the resurrection/repetition of ’89 and the dissident traditions. In this milieu, a historical, less moralistic/value-centred interpretation of the regime change is increasingly called for.

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